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Organizing your projects, assigning tasks to teammates, and tracking their progress are huge challenges. You often struggle with project schedules and remote teams’ work because you don’t have an automated system to tackle these issues. Luckily, with the right project management software in your arsenal, these business tasks can be a lot easier. Next to your financing software, there’s nothing more important for the project management side of your business.

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But that’s the tricky part: It’s hard to know which project management software is the right fit for your team. With so many different project management software on the market, it’s undoubtedly tough to decide which one will work best for your business and offer value for your money. You must find the best project management software for your team, but there are so many options, making you overwhelmed and confused.
If you’re stuck in this saga of finding the best project management software for your team, take a breather because Amazing Business Tools has done the hard work. Today, we’ll compare some of the most popular project management software options to help you decide which one is right for you.
So, instead of dealing with a cluttered workspace and missing deadlines, read on and find the best project management tool for your business. Once you get the hang of task management software, you’ll say goodbye to email reminders and spreadsheets forever – we can bet!

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Top Picks

Product Product Features Price
Best Overall
  • Team pricing plans
  • 14-day trial
  • Seamless tool integration 
  • Milestone tracking 
  • Good workflow controls
  • Gantt charts and KPIs
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Best Automation


  • Team pricing plans 
  • A free forever plan
  • 35+ ClickApps templates for project automation 
  • Granular time estimates 
  • Agile reporting 
  • Advanced automations & add-ons
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Best Cross-Platform Software


  • Per-user billing 
  • 14-day trial for Trello Premium
  • Timeline view for project planning 
  • Feedback provision and tracking
  • One-glance Kanban project view
  • No-code task automation 
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Best for Growing Teams


  • Per-user pricing plans 
  • 30-day trial
  • Custom fields and real-time tracking 
  • Project and progress insights 
  • Workflow builder 
  • Task briefs and feedback
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Best for Remote Collaboration


  • Standard pricing 
  • 30-day free trial
  • To-do lists & check-ins
  • Customizable boards
  • Pipeline management 
  • Pre-built project templates 
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Best for Small Teams

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects
  • Team pricing 
  • 10-day free trial
  • Zoho integrations and project flow analysis
  • Milestone & expense tracking 
  • Comprehensive reporting 
  • Interactive admin feeds 
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Best for Agile Teams


  • Per-user billing
  • 7-day free trial
  • Automation and streamlined viewing 
  • Sync progress across projects 
  • 12+ project reports 
  • Pre-made templates for task tracking and recording
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Top 7 Task Management Software for Businesses

As any business owner or team leader can attest, finding an effective way to manage tasks is essential for success. Choosing the right task management software can make a huge difference, enabling you to track deadlines, collaborate with colleagues and keep projects on schedule. Some project management programs are web-based and allow users to collaborate in real-time, while others are more focused on tracking individual tasks within a larger project. Regardless of which solution you choose, choosing reliable task management software is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. With the right toolset in place, you can quickly complete your daily tasks and stay focused on what really matters: achieving your goals and growing your company.

employees working on projects

So if you want an efficient and cost-effective way to manage your workday, here are the top 7 task management software you should look into: project management software enables users to collaborate on projects and track their progress without spending hours on these tasks. This software includes task management, file sharing, and team collaboration features. is a great project management tool for small businesses and teams who need to collaborate on projects. This task management software is easy to use and includes all of the features you need to get started with project management.

But before forming a verdict, let’s look at some primary features of to weigh its usability for your business:

Detailed Project Tracking is a powerful project management software that offers a wide range of features to help teams stay ahead of their work. With tools for time and expense tracking, visual workflow updates, and due date alerts, there is no aspect of a project that you cannot easily manage with If your team is working on a complex development project, growing your business, or launching a new marketing campaign, you can use to stay on track and achieve your goals with streamlined task management.

Kanban Workboard and Dedicated Menus project management software offers a powerful Kanban workboard to help you keep track of your tasks and projects. Compared to other project management systems, makes it simple for you to manage your workflow step-by-step. Whether working on a small team or a large group, the Kanban board allows you to easily visualize your workflow and track progress. With minimal setup required, you can start using right away, making this an ideal tool for anyone looking for hassle-free project management software. If task tracking and visualization is a big task for you,’s Kanban board and dedicated menu bars will cover you.

kanban board

Effective Team Collaborations

With on the table, you can easily manage your projects, tasks, and deadlines. This innovative software makes it easy to track your progress and ensures that all your team members are on the same page. also allows you to share documents and files with your team members, making it easy to stay organized. In addition, lets you create and assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress. The software is also equipped with a messaging system that makes it easy to communicate with your team members.
Overall, is an excellent project management tool that can help you enjoy smart and effective team collaboration. Also, if you use third-party tools for different business tasks, will ensure you don’t struggle with integrating them. You can easily incorporate Slack, Dropbox, Outlook, Zoom, and many other tools with your dashboard to experience unmatchable task automation.

Unmatchable Productivity and Efficiency’s workflow management feature enables businesses to optimize their productivity and efficiency. It is designed to streamline communications and collaborations between team members and track milestones. provides a centralized platform for all your business project management needs, proving to be an essential tool for increasing your productivity. In addition to its workflow management capabilities, also offers a variety of features that make team collaboration easier, such as task assignation, file sharing, and real-time chat. With its comprehensive suite of features, is the best project management software for businesses.

Slightly Complicated, But Worth its Salt

This powerful project management tool can help you stay organized and on track with deadlines, schedules, follow-ups, and reminders. However, like any other software, it may take some time to get used to its features and interface. The good news is that there is a wealth of online resources to help you learn how to use effectively. From video tutorials to blog posts, you can find everything you need to get up to speed quickly. And if you ever get stuck, you can always reach out to the team for help. With a little bit of effort, you’ll be able to master and use it to streamline your workflows.

Key Features
  • Tool integration (Slack, Dropbox, Outlook, Zoom, Drive, and more)
  • Project automation
  • Workflow management and alerts
  • Team collaboration
  • Automatic check-ins
  • To-do lists and file storage
  • Real-time project insights
  • Tool integration like no other
  • Hassle-free team collaborations 
  • Kanban-friendly workboard
  • A small learning curve involved 
  • Easy-to-scale subscription tiers
  • Relatively complicated work interface 

To take control of your projects and be more productive than ever before, give a try today!


If you’re looking for project management software that will automate tasks and help your teammates work more efficiently, ClickUp is the best option. With ClickUp, you can create custom workflows for your projects and assign tasks to specific team members without going back and forth between emails. You can also set due dates and reminders so everyone stays on track. And if you need to make changes to a task, you can do so with just a few clicks. ClickUp also offers a large variety of integrations, so you can use it with the other tools your team already uses. As a result, ClickUp is the most versatile and user-friendly project management software.

Here are some essential features of ClickUp you should understand before choosing it for your business:

Agile Reporting and Insights

ClickUp is a robust and reliable project management software that delivers accurate, agile reporting and allows you to easily track your progress. This innovative tool is packed with features that make it easy to streamline your collaborative tasks. Its advanced tracking capabilities give you access to detailed insights about every aspect of your project, from its budget to its timeline. And if you want to keep things simple, ClickUp has several easy-to-use templates that are specifically designed for agile project management. With ClickUp, there’s no need to worry about your tasks – the power of this software will help keep everything organized and on track.

Pre-Built Templates for Speedy Project Completion

ClickUp believes that project management software should be easy and intuitive for every business, regardless of its scale. That’s why this user-friendly software comes with a suite of tools and pre-built templates that make it simple for teams to start collaborating on their projects. Whether you’re organizing a marketing campaign, managing milestones for an R&D initiative, or tracking product development milestones, ClickUp is a tool perfectly suited to your needs. With over 35 pre-built templates covering everything from sales and marketing to human resources and customer service, you’ll find it easy to get started with ClickUp and get your team working together efficiently and effectively.

clickup workflow kanban board

Granular Time Estimation & Task Automation

If you’re looking for a project management tool that can help you get a granular estimate of the time required for a project and automate tasks to ease your workload, ClickUp is the answer. No other tool on the market offers the same level of granularity and automation, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to streamline their workflow. With ClickUp, you can easily estimate the time required for each task and subtask in a project and then track your progress against those estimates. The software also allows you to automate things such as creating and assigning tasks, sending reminders, and generating reports. This means you can focus on your work without worrying about the nitty-gritty details of task management. In short, ClickUp is the most advanced project management tool on the market, and it can make your work life much easier.

Seamless Email Integration for Quick Follow-Ups

At first glance, ClickUp may seem like just another project management software. But there’s more to it than that! What really sets ClickUp apart is its advanced email integration feature. You can view and track all of your projects directly from your Outlook account with email integration. This allows you to organize schedules and send out project briefs or follow-ups easily. If you’re tired of sending individual emails or reminders and want to manage your projects from anywhere, give ClickUp a try today.

Custom Fields and Integrations

Whether you are running a large business with many employees and different departments or a small team working together on the same project, ClickUp is the perfect tool for managing your projects. This software’s extensive features, including custom fields for storing important information about your projects and native tool integrations, allow you to seamlessly incorporate other platforms into your ClickUp workflow. These advanced integrations let you stay organized, efficient, and productive at all times, something you don’t experience with traditional project boards and to-do lists. If you struggle with tracking the time spent on tasks or managing team communication from multiple tools is a hassle, ClickUp will surely suit your business needs.

User Experience

No, we’re not done yet. ClickUp also considers individual preferences as well. As my daily driver and the one I recommend to all my clients, I can attest to its versatility in any situation and for any style of company. ClickUp offers light themes and dark themes for those who like to reduce eye strain as well as a web app AND a desktop version of the app. Is there no end to what they will offer?

Key Features
  • Integrated with 1000+ tools
  • A free forever plan
  • Guest appearances in paid plans
  • Email integration directly from Outlook
  • Pre-made templates
  • Agile project reporting
  • Advanced automation & APIs
  • Remarkable task automation
  • Appears to be no limit to it’s  versatility to any business or management style
  • Hassle-free communication between team members
  • 6 built-in report types
  • Custom dashboards
  • Dark & light themes
  • Web app & desktop app
  • Native and Zapier tool integrations
  • No guest permission in the basic plan

Try ClickUp today – you’ll be amazed by how smoothly everything can run in your business projects!


Many different project management tools are available to teams today, and choosing the right one can often seem like a daunting task. However, one solution stands out as being superior to all others: Trello. Offering powerful automation features and strong team collaboration capabilities, this software is ideal for organizations that require fast and consistent results on their projects. Whether you need to schedule tasks, assign crucial responsibilities, or ensure that everyone’s on track with deadlines, Trello is fully equipped to handle it. And thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and cross-platform compatibility, this software makes it easy for team members of all skill levels to avoid costly errors.

Here are some exceptional features of Trello that can take your project management skills to the next level:

One-Glance Kanban Project Overview

This versatile tool lets you easily organize and keep track of all your in-progress tasks, enabling you to automate your workflow and meet deadlines efficiently. One of the best features of Trello is its unique one-glance Kanban view, which gives you a comprehensive overview of all your ongoing projects at once. With this intuitive interface, it’s easy to see what tasks are still pending, which are in progress, and which are completed. Furthermore, Trello’s customizable visualization options let you tailor this overview exactly to your needs so that every aspect of your workflow is streamlined and on track. If you’re an individual or a team working on multiple projects at once, Trello offers you an excellent way to experience complete project visibility.

Provide Timely Feedback and Review it

Whether you provide feedback to others on the team or review recent changes, Trello allows you to communicate efficiently and effectively. The simple interface makes it easy to see individual updates and track progress, while the built-in commenting feature lets you provide timely feedback with ease. Moreover, this software’s interactive notifications ensure that your team remains engaged and informed throughout the entire process, making it easy to collaborate and stay on schedule.

Unlimited Power-Ups

While Trello offers a wide range of out-of-the-box features, it can also be powered up with third-party tools to customize it further. For example, you can integrate Trello with Slack to receive notifications about activity on your boards, or use the Zoom integration to launch video meetings directly from Trello. You can even connect Trello to Outlook so that your tasks and deadlines are automatically synced with your email inbox. With its vast array of integrations, Trello can be tailored to fit the precise requirements of almost any business.

Advanced Checklists and Tracking Tools

One excellent feature of this comprehensive project management software is that it offers advanced tracking tools to help streamline your team’s tasks. With Trello, you can create checklists, assign tasks to specific team members, and set deadlines from a simple dashboard. You can also add comments and attachments to tasks, making collaboration easy. Plus, Trello integrates with various other productivity apps, making it a versatile tool for managing your projects. If you’re managing a small-medium team and need help with building checklists or progress reports, Trello is an excellent option.

No-Code Automation and Customization

With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and easy-to-use design, it’s no wonder that many businesses and individuals rely on Trello for organizing their projects. However, if you’re not a technical expert or don’t have access to a developer, you may wonder how you can automate your Trello boards and get the most out of this awesome software.
Fortunately, the answer is simple: with a little know-how and some simple tools, it’s easy to fully customize your project boards in Trello and take advantage of advanced features like automation and integrations. If you want to create elaborate templates or dynamically update your tasks based on real-time data from other applications, you can effortlessly do it with Trello.

Key Features
  • Custom boards
  • No-code task automation
  • Unlimited storage in paid plans
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Unlimited activity log
  • Assigned and due date designation
  • Multiple visualization options
  • Free board customization 
  • Impressive commands and progress updates 
  • Power-up integrations with several tools
  • Flexible app
  • Allows guest accounts 
  • Intuitive UI
  • Limited project views in starter plans 

For an exceptional project management solution, look no further than Trello. It truly is the best there is.


If you want a project management software that can grow with your business, Asana is a great option. With its easy-to-use interface, Asana lets you quickly create a digital workspace for your team, and its features are customizable to suit your team’s needs. Asana also integrates with many popular productivity apps, so you can keep all your work in one place. And if you need more advanced features, Asana has an extensive list of add-ons that you can use to further customize your workspace.

But before you commit to this rather expensive task management tool, let’s understand its key features for a foolproof decision:

Intuitive Admin Console with Robust Controls

Asana’s intuitive admin console gives you complete control over all aspects of your teammates’ work progress. This admin console is designed to be user-friendly and provides various features and options that allow administrators to fine-tune the level of control they have over their team’s work. With Asana, you can easily add or remove members from projects, assign tasks to specific team members, set deadlines, and track progress. In addition, the admin console provides robust reporting capabilities that give administrators a clear picture of how their team is performing. Overall, Asana’s admin console is an essential tool for any administrator who wants complete control over their team’s work progress.

Innovative Workflow Builder

The Asana workflow builder is an advanced tool that allows you to create custom workflows for important projects. With the workflow builder, you can add, remove, and rearrange tasks to develop the most efficient workflow according to your business objectives. Additionally, the workflow builder provides you with a visual representation of ongoing projects, ensuring you easily see how different tasks are interconnected. By using the Asana workflow builder, you can ensure your projects are well-organized, and there are minimal overlapping schedules because this tool keeps things straightforward.

Dependencies and Progress Tracking

Asana project management software helps you track your progress and dependencies while keeping up with other items on your to-do list. With Asana, you can see what tasks are assigned to each team member and when they are due. You can also create dependencies between tasks so that you can see at a glance what needs to be done before a certain task can be marked completed. Plus, Asana provides various project reports and charts that help you track your progress over time. With all of these features, Asana makes it easy to timely complete your projects without putting other teammates through any chaos.

Real-Time Project Insights

Asana has developed a suite of powerful tools and real-time project insights that help you stay informed about everything your team is working on – from the latest updates to completed tasks and upcoming deadlines. With Asana’s robust analytics system, you can see at a glance how each project is progressing and make adjustments as needed. Whether you’re managing multiple teams across different time zones or simply looking to improve your workflow, Asana has the tools you need to stay productive every day.

Easy Task Syncing Across Projects

Whether you are working on a new marketing campaign, building a website, or managing your team’s workload, Asana allows you to easily track progress and allocate resources. With its simple interface, intuitive design, and useful search and reporting functions, Asana is the perfect tool to help you stay in line with ongoing projects. Moreover, Asana’s advanced sync features allow you to automatically sync tasks between different devices, so you can always stay up-to-date on what needs to be done no matter where you are or what device you’re using. If you want an efficient way to manage your day-to-day work or want better insight into your team’s productivity, Asana is the solution.

Key Features
  • Sync tasks across projects
  • Project feedback and brief
  • Copy projects, i.e., automate routine tasks
  • Workload analysis
  • Dependency management
  • Detailed admins controls 
  • One-click emails to Asana
  • Feature-enriched 
  • Easy-to-manage dependencies and assignments
  • Premium customer support 
  • Can be expensive  

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Asana and start gaining all the project insights you need!


When it comes to managing projects, there is no better solution than Basecamp. This software offers a comprehensive set of features that makes it easy to keep track of every aspect of a project, from tasks and timelines to communications and file sharing. Whether you need to collaborate with team members who are spread out across the globe or communicate with clients who are working on different types of platforms, Basecamp provides an intuitive interface that simplifies every interaction. Plus, this software integrates seamlessly with other apps via API integrations, so you can easily incorporate it into your existing workflow without changing much. Whether you’re starting a new project or need a tool that can scale up with your needs over time, there’s simply no better option than Basecamp.

But does this software have what you need for your project management tasks? Read on to find the answer:

Work Automation & Pipeline Management

Basecamp project management software has transformed the way businesses operate by automating workflows and pipeline management. This innovative software allows teams to work on detailed tasks together and experience better efficiency and communication. With Basecamp, businesses can manage an ever-growing list of projects and tasks in a streamlined manner. The software is designed to centralize all information so that teams can access what they need when they need it. This makes it easy for businesses to keep track of progress and ensure that deadlines are met. In addition, Basecamp integrates with other tools and platforms, making it even more versatile and powerful.

Dedicated Menus and Workboards

Basecamp project management software is designed to help businesses manage their projects effectively. Whether you’re working with a large team or a small group, Basecamp has the tools you need to get things done efficiently. One of its key features is its dedicated work boards and menus, which are tailored to meet the specific needs of different types of stakeholders. For example, there are clearly-labeled work boards for managers, clients, and designers so that everyone can easily access the information they need. And with customizable settings for each stakeholder group, you can be sure that Basecamp will manage your project smoothly from start to finish. If you need a comprehensive project management tool that caters to all your project stakeholders, look no further than Basecamp.

Advanced Project Controls

With the right software, like Basecamp, you can get a complete understanding of your team’s work. Thanks to advanced controls and built-in reporting functions, Basecamp offers extensive insight into each member’s activities. This allows you to identify potential risks or bottlenecks early on in the process, so you can make any necessary adjustments before it’s too late. Furthermore, since all information is organized in one centralized location, it is easy for anyone on the team to access updates or resources quickly whenever needed. In short, thanks to its many powerful features and capabilities, Basecamp project management software provides the ultimate platform for optimizing your workflow and ensuring complete control over your projects at every stage.

Straightforward Interface

Users love Basecamp for its straightforward interface that makes it easy to keep track of your projects. There is no need to wade through piles of paperwork or create messy spreadsheets. Basecamp provides everything you need in one central location. In addition, the software offers a free trial so you can try it out before committing to a subscription. With all these features, it is no wonder that Basecamp is so popular among project managers who need 100% input from all teammates.

Third-Party Integration

Basecamp project management software is designed to be easily integrated with a wide range of third-party tools. This means you can tailor your workflow to suit your specific needs and preferences. For example, you can incorporate Basecamp with task tracking tools like Asana and Trello, making it easy to keep track of progress on a project. Similarly, Basecamp can be integrated with Google Docs and Dropbox, letting you easily share and collaborate on documents. By taking advantage of these integrations, you can create highly efficient and effective workflows.

Key Features
  • Document creation
  • Work automation
  • Pipeline management
  • Phone support
  • Dedicated menus for executives, managers, and teammates
  • Better controls for different tiers of the projects 
  • Mess-free workboard 
  • Impressive control over client work 
  • In-app integrations
  • Pre-built project templates 
  • Drag-and-drop progress cards 
  • Straightforward interface 
  • Standard pricing can be expensive for small teams

So if you’re looking for a powerful yet simple project management solution, look no further than Basecamp!

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a reliable and user-friendly project management software best suited for your small team. This popular platform is well known for its interactive workspace, which offers a range of collaborative tools to support team communication and organization. With task lists, message boards, and file-sharing capabilities, Zoho Projects makes it easy to streamline project planning, scheduling, and execution. It also integrates seamlessly with other top business applications, such as Google Drive, Box, Zapier, Quickbooks Online, SugarCRM, etc. No matter if your team is just starting out or you have many years of experience under your belt, Zoho Projects is the perfect tool to take some load off your shoulders.

Here’s what Zoho Projects can do for you:

Detailed Time & Work Tracking

Zoho Projects project management software helps you track your ongoing projects with a glance. It provides you with detailed time and work tracking, ensuring there’s no ambiguity about work progress. This tracking feature can help you identify the areas where you need to focus more. With this information, you can better plan your work and allocate resources accordingly. Zoho Projects also allows you to create and manage project timelines.
In addition, Zoho Projects provides you with a range of tools that help you collaborate with your team more effectively. These tools include a discussion forum, a file-sharing system, and a task management system. With these tools, you can communicate with your team more efficiently and get work done more quickly.

Beginner-Friendly Dashboard

Zoho Projects is the most pocket-friendly project management software that offers beginner-friendly project boards without compromising its capability. The project boards are easy to set up and navigate, perfect for those new to project management. The software also includes various features that make it easy to track progress and deadlines, communicate with team members, and collaborate on projects. In addition, Zoho Projects offers a free trial so that you can try out the software before committing to a subscription.

Interactive Team Communication

Zoho Projects has interactive team communication features that allow team members to collaborate on projects in real-time. The software also has a Gantt chart feature to visualize project timelines and identify potential bottlenecks. With Zoho Projects, you can manage all your projects in one place and keep tabs on all team members. Say you want to give feedback on an ongoing project and notify all teammates with one click – Zoho Projects lets you do that. Its collaborative communication features are handy for new and growing teams where things often get chaotic.

Quick Task Automation and Assigning

Zoho Projects project management software has a simple task board that allows users to assign all team members their duties. The software also includes a calendar, which helps you keep track of deadlines, progress, and milestones. In addition, Zoho Projects offers a variety of features to manage your projects more efficiently and with minimal effort. For example, this robust software allows you to create and share documents, track expenses, and generate reports all from one straightforward dashboard.

Useful Charts and Reports

Zoho Projects is a powerful online project management tool that offers you an array of insightful charts and data points. Whether you need to track your team’s overall productivity or gain detailed insights about specific projects, Zoho Projects provides everything you need to stay ahead of your game. Its easy-to-use dashboard gives you real-time access to information like planned vs. actual progress, late tasks, and more. And by keeping everyone in the loop with its collaborative features, Zoho Projects can help you achieve your project goals faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Key Features
  • Workflow analysis
  • Milestone & expense tracking
  • Robust admin feeds, forums, and discussion panels
  • Quick integrations & add-ons
  • Customizable work boards
  • Integration with other Zoho products
  • Commendable communication features
  • Quick project automation
  • Beginner-friendly dashboard
  • Detailed time tracking
  • Easy to set up and navigate 
  • A 10-day trial can feel insufficient for such a detailed tool

To experience a powerful tool that can help you complete your projects on time and within budget, look no further than Zoho Projects!


Jira is considered by many to be the best project management software for agile reporting. While working with a remote team, this software can help ensure that all your tasks and timelines are streamlined and easily tracked. This task management wizard offers an intuitive and flexible user interface, making it easy to stay organized with your project goals. Additionally, the platform’s built-in reporting features make it simple to monitor progress and see how teams are doing at any given time. Jira also offers a robust set of features designed specifically for smoothing communication between team members, even if they happen to be spread out across the globe. If you’re managing a small project or a complex infrastructure rollout, Jira is the ideal tool for streamlining your agile workflow and helping your team stay on track.

Let’s discuss some impressive features of Jira project management software to understand it better:

Backlog & Progress Audit

With its powerful features and intuitive interface, Jira is an ideal solution for managing large and small-scale projects. One of its key strengths lies in its ability to provide you with real-time project progress updates and backlog audits that help you analyze your team’s work. Whether you’re a project leader or simply need to keep track of how things are going on the other end, Jira makes it simple to stay up-to-date and take action as required.

Customizable Project Reports

Designed with a wide range of customizable features and reporting options, Jira makes it easy to quickly sort through project data to find the information you need. Whether you want to identify bottlenecks, analyze task completion rates, or assess team productivity, Jira offers various report categories that can gather all this up-to-the-minute data in just a few clicks. And since these reports can be easily accessed and customized by any member of your team, you can use this data to quickly make decisions and stay on top of your projects.

Roadmap Planning for Extensive Projects

While Jira is often used for bug tracking and agile development, you can also use it for roadmap planning and visualizing upcoming projects. Roadmap planning is a process of creating a high-level view of the project, outlining the main objectives and milestones to educate everyone about it. This can be an immensely helpful tool for complex projects, as it allows you to see the big picture and ensure that all the different elements are working together. Jira’s roadmap feature makes it easy to create and share roadmaps, an essential tool for any project manager, especially when the task at hand is crucial for your business.

Exceptional Tool Integration

You can integrate many tools with Jira Software to better manage your project management tasks. Some of the most common and widely used features include Kanban boards, task prioritization, tracking software, time-tracking programs, and collaboration platforms. These tools help streamline workflow, keep projects on track and on budget, increase team productivity, and facilitate communication among team members. By taking advantage of these tools, you can ensure your project management efforts are up to the mark.

Key Features
  • Performance review
  • Task tracking
  • Granular configuration
  • Agile reporting
  • Customizable workflows
  • Drag-and-drop software integrations
  • Rich APIs
  • Comprehensive project planning 
  • Scrum and Kanban views
  • Admins have thorough control over permissions 
  • Customizable reports 
  • Integrates with 300+ third-party apps
  • No team collaboration without a power-up integration

Start harnessing the power of Jira today, and start managing your projects with greater efficiency and effectiveness!

How to Choose the Best Project Management Software for Your Business?

Project management software is a vital tool for your business, and you cannot go wrong with it. But with so many different options, choosing the best software for your organization is tricky. In this quick buying guide, we will discuss some of the key factors to consider when selecting a project management software and provide tips on picking the right product for your needs.

Read on to know more:

Identify your Business Challenges

When finding the right project management software, you have to factor in the needs and challenges your business is facing. For example, some companies may be looking for a software solution that is easy to use and intuitive. In contrast, others may need a tool that can integrate seamlessly with other aspects of their business operations. Additionally, many businesses seek out software platforms that offer robust security features, as well as advanced tracking capabilities and reporting tools. It’s best to identify the problems you’re facing with your project management tasks to find the perfect fit.

Enlist your Preferred Tools and Compare Them

There is no single software that is perfect for everyone. It is important to research different project management software and compare their features before making a decision. Some factors you may want to consider include the price, the number of users allowed, the type of projects it can be used for, and the level of customer support available. Some programs are designed for large companies with multiple projects and team members, while others are more suited for small businesses or individual users. When choosing a project management software program, testing different tools’ features and plus points is important.

Make Use of the Free Trials

When evaluating a prospective project management software for your business, it can often be difficult to know whether to invest in it or not. That’s why we always recommend starting with a free trial of the software. This trial will give you a chance to test all of the key features, including task management, communication tools, and data visualization capabilities. Not only will this give you a better sense of how the software can help you manage your work, but it will also help you weigh its value against other options on the market. So if you’re considering investing in project management software, we highly recommend starting with a free trial to ensure that it is the right solution for your business.

Ask Your Teammates Which Software Works Better for Them

Any business owner or project manager knows that effective project management is essential to the success of any venture. Fortunately, there are a variety of software tools available to help streamline the project management process. However, with different software types out there, it can be difficult to know which tool is right for your business.
One way to narrow down your choices is to start free trials of different software programs and consider the experience of your team members. Ask them about their experience with different project management software and see which ones they prefer. By taking their feedback into account, you can choose the right project management software for your business.

Calculate the Costs and Decide Accordingly

When it comes to calculating the cost of different project management tools, there are some factors to consider. On one side, some tools can be quite costly and may require an upfront investment to give you access to all of their features and functionality. However, other tools may be more affordable, although they may lack certain features or flexibility that could be useful for your specific needs. Ultimately, the best way to determine the value for money offered by different project management tools is to weigh up their costs against their benefits and identify which offers the most value overall. Investing some time into assessing different options will help you find the solution that best meets your needs at a price that makes sense for your project budget. Whether you are seeking a tool that offers advanced capabilities or one that is more budget-friendly, carefully calculate different tools’ costs to remove ambiguity.
If your preferred project management software ticks these boxes, go ahead and invest in it. The positive changes a reliable tool can bring to your business are immaculate, so don’t miss out. You might have to train your teammates to use a new project management software, but once everyone is out of the learning curve, the task automation will be worth it.

Final Thoughts

As the business world has become more globalized, the need for efficient project management software has increased. There are many different types of project management software available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Businesses must carefully evaluate their needs to choose the right software for their projects. Good task management software can help businesses track deadlines, budget expenses, and communicate with team members. It’s no secret that robust project management software can make a big difference in the success of your business and projects.

Therefore, you should carefully consider your needs before choosing a project management software. With the right one, you can increase your business’s efficiency, communication, and organization. Our list of the best project management software is thoroughly-researched and credible – if you pick any of these tools, it will be truly worth your money. So, ditch the traditional whiteboards, and digitize your business tasks with the best project management software today. You’ll love how clutter-free everything gets after that!

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